Crump on Believing Jesus

But saying that one believes in Jesus because a particular reconstruction has made him more plausible, more acceptable, more palatable, more approachable, more understandable is a bit like saying that I have finally come to believe in love because I am now able to measure the serotonin levels of my brain—an argument that will offer very little comfort to my wife and ought not be the verse in any Valentine’s Day card.

David Crump, Encountering Jesus, Encountering Scripture

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Sire on Holiness

Holiness is being set apart for the glory of God, for God’s glory is his holiness, his set-apartness from all else, his Otherness. There is a deep sense in which God is Totally Otherly, so otherly, so transcendent, that we cannot begin to think of him as he is, for he is I AM. All our knowledge about him comes only because he chooses to reveal himself to us. Out of his Otherliness he speaks us into existence. We are not made out of him as if he emanated us. We are created, brought into being, by his word.

James Sire, Habits of the Mind

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