Schreiner on the Goal of Exegesis

[T]he goal of exegesis is not to gain specialized knowledge in a particular field of study. The goal of exegesis is to gain a worldview based on and informed by the biblical text. Ultimately we all conduct our lives based on our worldview, our perception of life as a whole. Biblical exegesis should be the foundation in the building of that worldview. The complete building is ultimately expressed in our systematic theology, for systematic theology is another way to speak of one’s worldview. Someone has rightly said that every Christian has a systematic theology. The question is this: Is the systematic theology faithful to the biblical text and logically rigorous, or is it contrary to the biblical text and logically in disarray?

Schreiner, Interpreting the Pauline Epistles, 5

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Seeing Jesus in Leviticus

This is a post in a series on seeing Jesus in every book of the Old Testament. Jesus taught that the Old Testament testified to him (see Luke 24:27). We believe this but sometimes it can be difficult to see it. These short posts don’t give an exhaustive explanation. They serve as a starting point […]

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