Chosen Families: God Doesn’t Make Junk

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“God doesn’t make junk.”

While we were eating lunch in the seminary cafeteria, Steven Kunkel told me that his mom had always encouraged him with those words. Steven has overcome the challenges of autism and has served a term as a missionary in Japan. He is a talented and gifted individual. If you talk to Steven, he will make it clear that everything he has and is achieving has been because of the grace of God. But God rarely pours out his grace in an ethereal way. To put it theologically, God uses means of grace in our lives. God usually pours out his grace upon us through more ordinary, every day ways—reading the Bible, prayer, worship with our local church, etc. In Steven’s life one of the massive ways God manifested his grace was through the simple words of his mother: “Steven, God doesn’t make junk.” Continue reading.

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