The ESV Study Bible

When starting out as a student of the Bible, the first resource someone should buy is a study Bible. A good study Bible supplements the biblical text with a full Bible commentary, Bible atlas, and articles on important doctrinal issues. A study Bible can’t answer every question you have, but it works as a place […]

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Why Read Job After Genesis?

If you’ve been reading through the Bible using the God’s Story chronological reading plan, then you may be confused about why Job follows Genesis in the plan. The placement of Job within any biblical chronology is difficult for two basic reason: We don’t know who wrote the book of Job or when they wrote. We […]

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Seeing Jesus in Genesis

This is the first post in a series on seeing Jesus in every book of the Old Testament. Jesus taught that the Old Testament testified to him (see Luke 24:27). We believe this but sometimes it can be difficult to see it. These short posts don’t give an exhaustive explanation. They serve as a starting […]

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